Why Use Fiduciary Advisors’ ManagedPlan Program

A Fiduciary Program Built On Prudence

Cost Transparency

ManagedPlan is a cost transparent program that gives the plan sponsor the ability to know exactly what they are paying and to whom. This transparent fee structure fulfills the 408(b)(2) DOL Requirement for plan sponsors and trustees.

No Self-Dealing

Fiduciaries that push their own proprietary mutual funds have an inherent conflict of interest since they are no longer unbiased in their investment selection. ManagedPlan's Investment Managers offer a transparent fund solution with no self dealing.

Open Architecture Recordkeeping Services

ManagedPlan has partnered with Professional Capital Services (PCS) to deliver state-of-the-art sophisticated retirement solutions focused on complete fee transparency and prudent plan design. PCS was founded by the ERISA attorneys at Dilworth Paxton, LLP to provide the needed fiduciary support for plan sponsors.

Global Diversification

ManagedPlan's Investment Managers offers a variety of mutual funds and ETF portfolios that are global in focus. As a 3(38) Investment Fiduciary, our ManagedPlan Investment Managers use asset allocation models based on risk and return premiums.

Full Scope 3(38) Fiduciary Service

ManagedPlan investment managers accepts 3(38) fiduciary liability (in writing) offering plan sponsors the ability to delegate this responsibility.

Plan Benchmark Reporting

The ManagedPlan program features the objective benchmark reporting of The Advisor Lab. The Advisor Lab offers plan sponsors and fiduciaries independent benchmark reporting to assure that plan sponsors are fulfilling and meeting their fiduciary mandates.

Cost Efficient

ManagedPlan is a cost efficient program designed to offer plan sponsors fiduciary services at a competitive price.